Thursday, July 2, 2009

MJ: Will ALWAYS Be Remembered....

When I heard bout the news of MJ's death, I was skeptical. I didn't wanna believe them dam* reporters! I was in denial. I confirmed it through (reliable source) and I felt my heart sink. How could someone so "godly" die so young? Does being good qualify you to die young or is it just being an icon stress all your cells & die prematurely? I was sad, it was like someone close to me dies... someone I knew... It's MJ, everybody got to know him because of his music. His music is like a script of his life & he was a great influence on a lot of people, not just Americans. I reminisce my elementary years & all those singing I had to do just to pass the dam* classes! My two song choices (only song choices) are "Dangerous" by another artist & "Heal the World" by MJ. Those were the only songs I know by heart because "Dangerous" was the fave song of my bestfriend, Monica & "Heal The World" reflected my soul's intention. I know his (MJ) other songs but I couldn't memorize the lyrics, just the refrain part (I'm Miss Refrain). Right now, I'm chatting with other MJ fans, I'm able to cry with them as they share their fondest memories with MJ's songs. I'm also battling with pessimists in the net coz they have so much to say against MJ. Give him a break! He's dead & soon you'll be but the difference is that the world won't cry for you! MJ is not a God nor saint, He's just a person who is capable of loving & getting hurt like us but before he died, he left a legacy that will always be remembered. When I have kids & grandchildren, I'll share his music & his love for the earth & people so that he will never be forgotten. Wherever you are MJ, may you be at peace & smile knowing your kids are ok & we are continuing our support.. You will always be remembered, King of Pop, Michael Jackson!

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